Daisy Dixon

London Marathon 2024

Why I’m fundraising...

On June 16th, 2022, my best friend Johannah, aged 42, passed away after four years living with stage 4 ovarian cancer. Leaving behind a beautiful little girl, loving friends, and a wonderful family. 

Johannah was a one in a billion kind of women, if you met her, you never forgot her. The pain of her absence is at times unbearable, I've not only lost my best friend but my sister.


Tragically, like many women, her symptoms went miss diagnosed, until a stage 4 diagnosis.

Johannah was an advocate for raising awareness, through target ovarian cancer, and target ovarian cancer was her chosen charity.


As we approached the first-year anniversary of Jo's passing, earlier this year, I felt like I need to channel my grief into something that could help even one other women. I was thinking about running the Manchester half marathon, for target ovarian cancer next year, but I thought let's see what Target Ovarian cancer has scheduled, and then I found the London Marathon and I though well it's go big or go home - I want the world to see me, my giant ovaries, and highlight Target Ovarian Cancer - so women around the world will know what signs to look for, and raise awareness of the training needed for medical professions, so missed diagnosing can start to decrease. 

Johannah should still be with us, with me, being outrageous, being daring, being fun, but she's not, and if I can help in some way to raise awareness then I know she would be proud. 

Target Ovarian Cancer is the UK's leading ovarian cancer charity working to improve early diagnosis, fund life-saving research and provide support to women with ovarian cancer.

Awareness of ovarian cancer is low, its share of UK research funding has dropped and three quarters of women with ovarian cancer say they do not get the support they need.

Together we can make sure women in the UK have the best chances of survival and get the right support at the right time, in a way that's right for them.

Raise awareness. Fund research. Save lives.

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My Updates

Into week 7 of trainning

Tuesday 13th Feb
So, I have been trainning hard since the start of the New year, maybe a little to hard....
I've been ill for the last week or so, so running has had to go on the back burner for a while.....looking forward to start running again soon :)

Thank you to my Sponsors


Andy Robinson

Good luck Daisy 😀


Mara Sandres


Liz Scott

Amazing Daisy ,you’ll smash this ❤️❤️🤩


Ross Lillico

Big challenge, for a great cause, by an awesome person. Good luck!


H Stone


Lynne Mccadden

Great cause Daisy - Jo would be proud of you


Sarah Ives

Good luck! xx


Mehwish Usman

Good luck Daisy!! Xx


Anna Humphreys

Great cause Daisy. She would be so proud. XX


Max Lamb

from Max - good Luck


Debs Levy

Smash It Lady! You’ll be awesome ❤️


David Heron

I have donated a £1 for every mile Daisy. You will have to run the last few hundred yards for free 🙂.


Rio Roberts

Best of luck with the training and the marathon. You're a brave woman and doing a wonderful tho g in honour of Jo xxx


Sophie Lund

Good luck!



Well done you Daisy, your beautiful friend would be so proud xx



She would be proud of you, good luck... Go smash it! 🤞👏


Julia Garforth

For my Forever Friend ! Love always Julia & Julio xx


Aisha Yaseen

An amazing cause, your friend will be so proud, as are all of us, good luck!


Alexandra Robinson

Amazing effort! Well done you will smash it! Love Alex, Mark & Harry X


Louise Siddiqi

Good luck Daisy :) Sorry to hear about your best friend, it’s a horrible disease 🥲 my beautiful mum passed of it too. Go smash it Daisy and we’ll done raising awareness xxx


Aase Sundblad

Good luck! ...a wonderful thing to do! Lala and Katie


R Oshea

Good Luck x


Lucy Plev

Am amazing thing to be doing in honor & memory of your friend. Go smash it 🙌🏻


Pete Evans And Ruth Cohen

We're cheering you on already Dear Daisy. XX


Isabella Dixon


Jen Cowley

Best of luck Daisy! Amazing cause and you will absolutely smash it! 👏🏻


Willow Sundblad

Willow and daddy.


Kim Dean

Good Luck Daisy, Jo would be so proud of you xxx


Aase Sundblad

Good luck, Daisy..such a brilliant thing to do for such a good cause. Katie and Lala


Dave Seeley

Hi Daisy. I am also running the London on behalf of this charity. Touched by your post. My sister in law has been battling stage 4 ovarian cancer since 2017. Good luck. Dave Seeley. Xxx


Rachel Reeves

Good luck Daisy and well done an amazing thing to be doing . With love . Rachel ( Lucy’s friend ) X


Lynne Mccadden

Johannah - once met and never forgotten as you say Daisy What an amazing person and you're just wonderful doing this for her and others Best of luck x


Deb Odonnell

Good luck Daisy xxx


Steph Ashton

Lots of love to you Daisy xx


Jacqui Raff X

Amazing tribute to gorgeous Jo x can’t believe it x you will smash it in her memory x


Ellen Bardow Jensen

Smash it cousin!!❤️❤️


Helina Cheung


Liz Mckenna

You’ll smash it Daisy, good luck Liz, John & Millie Xxx


Annette Wiggett

Good luck Daisy. It’s an amazing thing to do!


Richard Prince

Daisy, the courage and bravery to run this is incredible and know that Johannah will be with you every step of the way. Good luck, you will crush this!


Ava Taylor


Jake Kaufman

Good luck Daisy


Alexandra Forrester

Good luck daisy! Xx


Scott D

Go smash it it Daisy! I’ll quadruple this if you get Jay to do it too 😉 xx



Donation from Geraldine - good luck



Good luck



Good luck! 🥳💕 xxx


Sophie Hardyman

Good luck Daisy! Xx


Sarah Dixon

Good luck Daisy x