Hannah dymond

London Landmarks Half Marathon 2024

Why I’m fundraising...

Unfortunately we had the devastating news in May of this year that our lovely mum had stage 4 Ovarian cancer. It was something that I had no knowledge about if I am being honest prior to us hearing the news but as you go through quite a rapidly intense treatment programme with hope, lows and seeing this horrible disease take over your main strength in life you soon learn.

What have I learnt?

1. My mum is so strong - she has fit in her chemo and treatment with my dream wedding in Croatia and still managed to look as glam as ever. I will never forget how amazing it was for her to walk me down the aisle like I always wanted.

2. The awareness of Ovarian cancer is so limited. Symptoms are fobbed off as things like IBS - this needs to change. Women know their own bodies - testing should be as routine as a smear test.

3. Early diagnosis is the goal here - investment is needed to ensure these tests are done. I've seen so many stories about women younger than me going through this. My mum is not old enough to be going through this. No one is

As keen runners, myself and my husband Kev want to raise money to change this. Target Ovarian Cancer is the UK's leading ovarian cancer charity working to improve early diagnosis, fund life-saving research and provide support to women with ovarian cancer.

Awareness of ovarian cancer is low, its share of UK research funding has dropped and three quarters of women with ovarian cancer say they do not get the support they need.

Together we can make sure women in the UK have the best chances of survival and get the right support at the right time, in a way that's right for them.

Raise awareness. Fund research. Save lives.

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Kevin Cummins

Keep up with the training mate


Derek Brook

Hey Guys, good luck with the run and my wife was diagnosed with the same stage 4 Cancer.... 5 years on and we're still here :-)


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Sending luck and love! From Rachel, Patrick, Maisie + Zach xxxx


Hannah Dymond


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Run strong, Hannah!



Good luck.


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Lots of love from the Ayvaz’s


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Good luck you lovely two peeps !! Run run run Steve & Marike


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Always knew your mum was someone a bit special! Good luck with the run x


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Good luck Sis! Sending my love to you all xx


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Run well both xx