Kalia Argyrou

London Landmarks Half Marathon 2024

Why I’m fundraising...

Losing a close friend to ovarian cancer over a year ago was a devastating experience. It was a heartbreaking journey that unfolded in the shadows of silence, largely due to the lack of information about the signs of this insidious disease. She battled with grace and courage, but the odds were stacked against her.

In the midst of this profound loss, I found hope and solace in the mission of Target Ovarian Cancer, the UK's leading ovarian cancer charity. They tirelessly work to improve early diagnosis, fund life-saving research, and provide the support that so many women with ovarian cancer desperately need. Sadly, ovarian cancer remains relatively unknown, and research funding has been insufficient. Tragically, three-quarters of women facing this battle do not receive the support they need.

I am driven by the memory of my dear friend, and I believe that together, we can make a difference. By raising awareness, funding research, and providing the support that is often lacking, we can save lives. Let us come together in honor of my friend and countless others who have been affected by this disease. Let's ensure that women in the UK have the best chances of survival and receive the support they need, in a way that's right for them. Please, join us in our mission to make a meaningful impact and remember my friend in a way that truly matters.

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